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Shipping is on the HOUSE! 

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The Legacy

Sole for Real is at the forefront of building sustainability in underserved American communities through local manufacturing. As an e-commerce platform, we recognize that around 90% of sock shops import products from outside the U.S Our approach centers on direct business-to-consumer engagement, fostering community awareness and support for our mission. Setting us apart from competitors, we actively drive sustainability by not only raising awareness but actively participating in the transformative change we advocate for.  Local Manufacturing is a game-changing concept that addresses multiple challenges. By shortening the supply chain, we significantly reduce CO2 emissions, invigorate local economies, and ensure superior production control and conditions. The World Manufacturing Forum's projections for 2023,  flag global labor risk, climate change, and sustainability as critical mega trends. Sole for Real is strategically aligned to restructure the local workforce,  hold the power to combat unemployment rates, catalyze lasting financial circulation, and sow the seeds of generational wealth.

We are the change we wish to see and it's an honor to serve you as we continue to reach new heights. Welcome Home Kinfolk

The story often told is that

“ Home is where the heart is”

As a young girl growing up in the projects the house was familiar with levels of affliction but the value of community was the love that held the foundation together. All from one building, myself and over 20 cousins, friends and distant neighbors would meet up to play every game from

“Miss Mary Mack” Down Down Baby while heading from the balcony to the playground. Between dope boys and street dealers we ran young wild and free. The sound of my Grandmothers whistle or the streetlights are the only alarm that broke the trance of fun that reminded us it was time to come inside. Growing into the adults that once raised us, we watched as the world they prepared us for change beyond our imagination. When we could slow down long enough to grasp it all, many lost track of whether to cry or laugh. Where has the innocence, safety and wholeness of child play gone? Is this the American Dream promised to us? Are we even living at all? Home IS where the heart is. The very beating between one’s chest that reminds us that we are alive. The heavy panting of the heart of a child after a long days play. It’s the joy that encourages the fight for a new day if only for another day. 

The Philosophy

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