Sole for Real
A foundation of kinfolk who believe in the value of empowering the black dollar. 
Until the lion learns to write the hunter will tell the story. - African Proverb
Major corporations have built their businesses off the backs of our ancestors since the start of this country. They continue to steal our story by using our faces for profit in exchange for Black Lives Matter Hashtags. 
America seems to believe we have asked for "inclusivity" while in truth we DEMAND HUMANITY.  
Sole for Real is empowering the true narrative of kinfolk across the country.
We take back our story by setting the foundation for a new one.
So how do we do that?
We create the future we desire to see. Knowing that over 90% of socks are produced outside of the states we consider means to reduce our supply chain. The VISION is an ode to the Detroit auto industry of the 1950's by way of manufacturing and distributing our socks here in America. As the Chinese and American relations suffer the market reflects escalating supply chain issues. Sole for Real is scaling to produce for local, public and private sectors at the rate of so-called "competitors".  Kinfolk across the country have contributed to the project and are already empowering the value of the black dollar. Join us in bridging the gap to black wealth.